The Pandemic Nanny - Navigating Covid-19 with Children.

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

As most of you know, for the last two months, Americans have been operating in our “new normal.” After the announcement that Covid-19 started to affect our country, rules and regulations were set in place for all of us. NIH, WHO, and the CDC told us that we have to Social Distance, Shelter-in-Place, wear face masks on our outings, and stay at home if we weren’t leaving for essential purposes. But, if you are like me, this Global Pandemic took you by surprise.

It felt as if covid uprooted our lives and shifting right in front of our eyes. With very little guidance and support, we’ve all had to gain a sense of stability and “normal” in these unprecedented times. We’ve had to adjust our work schedules, our major life events, our social lives, our academia, and so much more. It has felt as if I went to sleep and woke up in a whole new world.

As overwhelming as this can feel, all hope is not lost. I still believe that we will recover, heal, and come out of this Global Pandemic better than we went in. I am optimistic that we will learn how to cope, and in due timing, things will shift. People will heal, essential workers will get a chance to regroup and recharge, our small business owners will come out of this to a community that wants to support them, our social lives will return, and we as a country will survive this. The best thing that we can do during these uncertain times is trying to stay positive and safe.

I will share some of the things that have helped me as an essential worker throughout this Pandemic. I am considered a professional nanny, and it has been an adjustment doing childcare during Covid.

My little one and “Baby H” is used to being outdoors every day. We frequent storytimes, indoor gyms, playgrounds, petting zoos, and museums, so for us to be housebound every day has been an adjustment for sure. Baby H is 20 months, very active, and loves to play! We have had to come up with creative ways to incorporate play and adventure with limited resources. I am learning new ways to entertain him and educate him every single day.

Pandemic Activities:

  • Outdoor Walks + Drives — We love playing outdoors, and to keep a sense of normalcy for us, we’ve incorporated daily walks into our schedule. Baby H loves looking at fire trucks, dogs and waving to pedestrians. It also gives us some time to get fresh air and out of the house. We have also incorporated taking drives on the highway with no particular destination. It helps clear my mind, and Baby H loves listening to music from the backseat. Throwing in a few car drives throughout the week will give you a break from being home and a change of scenery if you have a backyard; even better! Allow the children to play in the yard with bubbles, balls, kites, and chalk. This will help them feel like they’re still able to go outdoors and eliminate the frustration of going “stir-crazy.”

  • Crafts! Crafts! Crafts! — I can’t stress enough how important incorporating arts + crafts into your child’s daily routine is. Most children love making a mess with crayons, markers, and toxic-free paint, and it also helps them develop their Fine-Motor skills. Pinterest has been a lifesaver for me and has thousands of age-appropriate activities for children of all ages. There’s also a ton of DIY projects and experiments for older children. Jump on Pinterest, and start crafting!

  • Virtual Storytime — Virtual Storytime is one of my favorite “Quarantine Activities.” I enjoyed going to storytime before we were asked to stay home, so virtual storytime is my guilty pleasure. Every single day there are announcements of different businesses, celebrities, and networks hosting storytime for children. A quick google search or a subscription to a local parenting website will keep you abreast of the storytimes hosted each week. If you aren’t opposed to some educational screen time, I can almost guarantee that your child will enjoy it, and so will you.

  • Zoom Playdates — If you’re like us, we miss all of our friends! We would frequent playdates with our friends every week, and it was a form of connection and socialization for both I and Baby H. During the quarantine, we have incorporated Zoom and Video calls with our friends to stay connected and to feel a sense of normalcy. We read stories, listen to nursery rhymes, and chat about all of the fun we plan to have once this all ends. Nurturing and fostering our friendships from afar is necessary and doable.

In conclusion, I am a strong proponent of “Staying Positive” and finding ways to adjust. I believe that we can overcome and heal as a nation. I know that many of you have lost your jobs, financial security, and maybe even hope. For those of you that are going through a dark space right now, I am extending so much love to you. Know that even in our darkest moments, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

I encourage all of you to do what feels suitable for you in these moments. Know that every moment of this quarantine doesn’t have to be spent being productive. It is okay to have days where you want to let the kids watch tv for hours while you recharge. It is okay to have mornings where you want to sleep in late or take a midday nap. We all learn how to adjust, and none of us have the answers, so always do what is best for you.

Most importantly, know that Nannies in the City is here to support you every step of the way. Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay positive!

With love,

Chelsea Delaney

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