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Diverse Kindergarten



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Nannies in the City was founded by Chelsea Delaney, who embarked on this journey after dedicating a decade of her life to nurturing and supporting numerous families throughout the region. Over the course of ten years, Chelsea's dedication extended to forging strong connections with families, raising children, and aiding parents in their transition to parenthood.

With her unwavering commitment and dedication, Chelsea rapidly earned a reputation as a highly recommended and sought-after professional within the childcare industry. Her growing clientele became advocates of her services, readily recommending her without hesitation.

Chelsea's core values encompass a deep appreciation for connection, an unwavering commitment to professionalism, and a steadfast dedication to providing a personalized and intimate approach to childcare. Her innate ability to precisely discern what parents seek in a professional childcare provider is a testament to her expertise and insight.


Chelsea's exceptional skill as an active listener sets her agency apart in the childcare industry. With Chelsea Delaney at the helm, Nannies in the City is poised to deliver unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and a personal touch to meet the diverse needs of our esteemed clientele.

A Journey of Love and Dedication:

Growing up as the middle child between two sisters, my path was always clear - I was destined to work with children and families. As the bossy little sister, I discovered joy in taking charge, and as the nurturing big sister, caring for my youngest sibling, who arrived a decade after me, felt as natural as breathing.

My youngest sister's arrival, a whole decade apart, marked a significant chapter in my life. I was there on the day she was born, holding my mother's hand as she welcomed this slimy, alien-like baby into the world. I was there for her first car seat installation and her very first day of preschool. Becoming a part of her daily routine and assisting my mom brought me immeasurable joy.

Being an older sibling naturally places you in a caregiving role, but I unexpectedly cherished it. Little did I know that this early experience would pave the way for countless "first times" with the families I would come to work with throughout my decade-long career as a nanny. Upon completing high school and my first year of college, I eagerly secured my first nanny position. Throughout my teenage years, I honed my babysitting skills and volunteered, preparing myself for this new adventure. I spent a remarkable 3.5 years with my first family, and it was during this time that I realized being a professional nanny was my lifelong dream. I yearned to assist parents in nurturing and raising their children.

My passion for this field grew exponentially over the years, and with each family, my heart expanded. The time I spent with these families not only strengthened my skills but also brought healing and transformation into my life in countless ways. Every child I had the privilege to work with still holds a significant piece of my heart.

After a decade of dedicated service to families, both near and far, I felt fulfilled and ready for the next chapter. I had learned so much about being a nanny and working with families, and I desired to further expand my knowledge and skills. This is how the idea of Nannies in the City was born. Transitioning from working within households to placing nannies in households allowed me to continue pursuing my passion and love for the domestic household employee field.

Today, I aim to assist families in finding professional nannies who will enrich their children's lives and seamlessly become a cherished addition to their households. It's a mission rooted in love, and I am here to make it a reality.


With love and dedication,

Chelsea Delaney

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