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Our History

Our journey began out of a pressing need in the childcare landscape. Having personally experienced every facet of childcare, we intimately understand the challenges faced by both parents and nannies. It's a landscape where reliable childcare can be elusive, where underappreciated nannies are often underpaid, and where children's crucial developmental needs are sometimes overlooked by less-than-ideal childcare providers.

As we listened to the frustrations of countless parents and dedicated childcare providers, the concept of Nannies in the City came to life. We recognized that there was an opportunity to bridge the gap, to create a system that seamlessly connects the most qualified, passionate, and experienced nannies with families who not only value their services but also appreciate and support the indispensable childcare industry.

At Nannies in the City, we've made it our mission to transform the childcare experience for parents and nannies. We're here to ensure that families receive top-tier childcare solutions, that nannies are recognized for the remarkable work they do, and, most importantly, that children thrive in the care of dedicated professionals.

Welcome to a new era of childcare where your needs, aspirations, and the well-being of your children take center stage.


Together, we're creating a brighter future for families and childcare providers.

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Our Mission

At Nannies in the City, our unwavering mission is to empower our families by securing the finest childcare solutions. We transcend the role of a mere "referral service" by seamlessly integrating into your family support system.

Our agency takes on the complexities, leaving you free to select the perfect addition to your family. From conducting thorough background checks, initial interviews, and reference checks to facilitating contract creation and assisting with payroll setup, we handle every facet of the hiring process.

We aim to make the entire journey, from selection to onboarding, an effortlessly smooth experience. Trust us to be your trusted partner in building a brighter future for your family.


At Nannies in the City, our vision is centered on achieving the perfect match from the very start. Boasting an exceptional 99.8% success rate, our goal is to intuitively discern and meet the unique needs of each family we serve.

We understand that sourcing exceptional childcare independently can be a formidable task. Our commitment lies in prioritizing the placement of extraordinary nannies who will meet and exceed your expectations, evolving and growing with your family over time.

Our vision is to provide families with the unwavering assurance that they have found the ideal childcare partner right from the outset. With Nannies in the City, your journey to quality childcare begins with a perfect fit."

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