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Kids Blowing Bubbles



Here at Nannies in the City, we take pride in our matchmaking process. We go the “extra mile” to vet, interview, and assess all of our childcare providers before matching them with our families. We value extraordinary care, and it is extremely important to us that we verify whom we are placing in our family’s homes. 


Are you looking to hire a full-time or part-time permanent nanny? This service is for families looking to employ someone long-term (minimum 12 months) to create and enforce a solid, age-appropriate daily schedule, encourage daily educational and fun learning activities, and ensure that your household runs smoothly.


*Due to demand, our PT Nanny placements must be at least 25 hours weekly.*


Are you seeking a Short-Term Nanny placement for 30-120 days? Nannies in the City provides childcare options for our families requiring a short-term care solution. This service is best for families seeking a Summer Nanny, Travel Nanny, or a Solution to care for less than 120 days. 


A private educator, often known as a governess, plays a pivotal role in a child's personal and educational development. Tasked with more than just supervision, they bring a wealth of knowledge and specialized skills to provide tailored, one-on-one instruction across various subjects. Their role extends beyond academics, encompassing the nurturing of social skills, manners, and creative talents, ensuring a well-rounded and enriched upbringing. Governed by a deep commitment to the child's best interests, they often collaborate closely with parents to align educational goals and personal values, creating a harmonious and supportive learning environment.


A household manager or family assistant plays a crucial role in managing the day-to-day operations of a household, ensuring everything runs smoothly. This role is especially beneficial for busy families, large households with complex scheduling needs, or professionals with demanding careers who wish to devote more time to their families or personal interests.

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